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Introducing the new standard to automatically create detailed project proposals, project requirements, and user stories for digital project teams with AI at your side.

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Built by Project Managers to Project Managers

Intuitive Docs

Upload your existing project briefs, PRDs, or any documentation effortlessly. Scopebrite organizes and prepares your project foundation in one go.

Smart Debrief

Discover project features and goals with AI-driven insights. Our intelligent system translates briefings into clear project trajectories.

Dynamic Scope

Elevate your project's scope with AI-generated user personas, user stories, and user journey, all tailored to fit your specific project needs.

Criteria Review

Assess and prioritize acceptance criteria, technical specifications, and UX/UI requirements with precision, setting the stage for successful execution.

Stakeholder Platform

Foster effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring alignment and clarity throughout the planning and execution phases.

AI Chat

Your project management ally — ask our AI-assisted chat any questions and receive support to further enrich your project management workflows.